Booking and Payment

In order for the reservation to be correctly guaranteed, we need you to have filled in the information that we request on the web correctly. To do this, it is essential that the credit/debit card details are correct. In order to make sure that the reservation is correctly formalized, you should check that you receive a confirmation email from the hotel.

For groups, the reservation is accepted when the deposit of 25% of the total amount of the reservation has been paid, and confirmed when the payment of 100% of the total amount of the stay has been made correctly.

The prices are fixed per room and are calculated depending on the number of people accommodated (adults and children over 3 years). The number of people accommodated in the room must not exceed the number indicated in the accommodation (see price list) except for children under 3 years old or in cases where an extra bed is requested.

The hotel can charge 100% of the deposit at any time after making the reservation, this practice is usually done only for non-refundable reservations.

Children under the age of 3 can stay free of charge. We have cots and highchairs. However, please let us know at the time of booking.

No. It is a form of payment just as valid as a bank transfer. However, to stay in the hotel, you must always provide a valid credit card to formalize the deposit and guarantee of the reservation.

  • Reservations must be guaranteed by a valid credit card – Reservations may be cancelled in writing by fax or email prior to the booking date – In case of cancellation after 12:00 PM prior to 24 hours from the arrival date, we will charge the amount of the first night to your credit card. In the event of «no-show», we will charge your credit card for the first night and cancel your reservation.
  •  SPECIAL RATES: FALLAS (Free cancellation up to 72 hours before the day of arrival).
  •  Non-refundable offer: It is not possible to cancel without a penalty.

In order for the reservation to be confirmed, it is necessary to charge in advance 100% of the entire reserved stay. You will receive a charge on your card for this amount. Only then will your confirmation be valid. In no case will the payment be returned.

  • Early departures must be notified at Reception at least one (1) day in advance.
  • In the event of cancellation outside this period or failure to show up at the hotel on the booked date, the User authorises Sea You Hotel to charge the credit card, the details of which have been indicated to us as a guarantee of reservation, the amount plus taxes of the first night’s stay according to the agreed reservation price, as cancellation costs and as compensation for damages – Similarly Sea You Hotel reserves the right to charge the credit card provided as a guarantee of reservation, the services and items consumed during the customer’s stay at the hotel that have not been paid upon the customer’s departure.

No. All prices include VAT. The price indicated at the time of booking is the final price, you will only have extra expenses if you request any of the additional services that we offer such as: room service, meals in the restaurant, extra person supplement.

Entrance and Exit

We have a reception service of 24 hours located at the entrance of the hotel to be able to deal with you and solve any matter. 96 321 43 30 –

The official hotel check-in time is 16:00. However, if you arrive earlier and the room is ready and available we will have no problem handing you the keys. Always subject to availability.

We do not charge extra for arrival during the night / early morning, if you know you will be late you can tell the hotel to take it into account and wait for your arrival.

The time of departure of the rooms is until 12:00 h. There is the possibility of making the departure later, but is subject to availability, after consultation at reception and payment of the corresponding rate [Late out rate at 17:00 has a cost of 20 € subject to availability and on request.

Informing reception and handing over the keys. You must go to reception to hand over the keys to the room and pay any pending charges for the room.

Sea You hotel wants to give you the best of stays, so we have a locker where you can leave your luggage free of charge either on arrival or departure until you pick it up, so that you don’t have to carry it.

We ask all our clients to leave the room in similar conditions as they have found it. The utensils of the room have a surcharge in case of theft.


In Reception we will deal with you with pleasure.

We have arranged a parking service, which is underground and has access from J.J. Domine. Ask in reception and they will indicate the corresponding discount for hotel guests. The price of our agreement with the car park is 17€.

This service is totally free for our guests. However, it is available upon reservation and request.

The room is cleaned daily and linen is changed every 3 days.

The rooms are fully equipped with sets of two towels per person. Beds are prepared with sheets, blankets and bedspreads. If required, our team of chambermaids will provide you with a clean set of towels and sheets. The change of linen is every 3 days.

We have extra beds available at a price of 15€ per day.

All rooms have hair dryers.

Yes, it is located on the 8th floor, next to the gym.

Timetable: 09:00-21:00. Ask for the key at reception.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

If they wish to use it, they must notify the reception 40 minutes in advance, as it is switched off for energy saving purposes. Once you have finished using it, (recommended not to exceed 20 m.) notify reception to turn it off.

To call another room, dial the room number with a 0 in the middle (hab201, dial 2001). To contact Reception dial 8001

At Reception, they can provide you with information about public transport or hire of any private transport.

At Reception, we can help you reserve tickets to the different points of interest in the city, theatres, museums, the City of Sciences, Bioparc, Oceanografic…

Contact us

If you want to travel by public bus around the city, near the hotel you will find different lines that communicate with all points of the city.

App: EMT Valencia

EMT: Lines 4 – 19 – 30 – 92 – 95

Ask at reception and we will inform you of your routes and the different tickets you can get.

In reception you have at your disposal maps of the city and they will inform you of the most important points of interest to visit.

In Serrería street, about 10 minutes away, you will find the Marítim-Serrería stop, with connection to all the lines offered by the city.

App: Metrovalencia

Ask reception how to get there.

You can find information leaflets of various places and museums. We recommend a visit to the IBER museum, where you can find the largest exhibition of miniatures in the world and take the opportunity to visit the historic centre of the city.

To be able to connect to the Wifi of the hotel:

  • Ask for the access code at reception.
  •  Connect to the network CLIENTS SEA YOU HOTEL
  •  A new window will appear with the image of the hotel, in it you must click on the white square accepting the terms of use and enter the wifi code.

Ask at reception and we will provide you with a fast, ecological and easy to use method of getting around the city.

We have a free book lending service. It is located in the restaurant on the first floor. Please return the book to the bookshelf when you have finished with it to make it available to the next customer.


Please refer to the list in each room description.

You will find the rooms fully equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay. However, beach towels, food and drinks are not included. You will find a pack of amenities for personal hygiene and 2 bottles of courtesy water in the minibar.

Rooms are equipped with bed linen and bath towels

Yes, in addition to the rooms there is also wifi connection in reception, Sky bar, restaurant and the rest of the hotel facilities.

To use the whirlpool, fill the bathtub until it covers, at least above the air outlets for proper operation. Once full, press the left button and regulate the air pressure with the right button.

If in doubt, ask at reception (8001).

1-Open the safe door by dialing 0 and «OPEN».

2- Close the door and dial a 4-digit personal code +CLOSE

This code will be active during your stay and you can open and close the box as many times as you like.

3- On the day of departure you must leave the safe open. The hotel is not responsible for any valuables that are not in its custody.

To raise the blinds should have the card placed in the box of the light switch and press the switch next to the window with the arrows pointing up. To lower it repeat the operation with the down arrow. When you reach the desired height, press the switch again and the blinds will stop.

To open the window, lift the two handles slightly up and push out. For legal and safety reasons, the window does not open completely.

It has 2 bottles of water courtesy of the hotel.


– Breakfast:

Breakfast hours are Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 10:30, Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 to 11:00.

– Meals:

Meals are from 13:00 to 15:00.

– Cafeteria:

Cafeteria open 24 hours for customers

– Skybar:

The sky bar opens during winter from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. In summer time it is from 12:00h to 24:00h.

– Room service

Available for 6.00 € extra, on request at reception.


No, smoking is forbidden in all rooms. For this we have the magnificent roof bar, from which you can also enjoy our wonderful views.

Please inform Reception as soon as possible to replace and/or repair it and assess its cost. You will find in the Directory of each room the complete inventory of the objects with which it is equipped. If, after your departure, any unreported fault or damage is observed, you will be charged against the deposit made.

No. Pets are not allowed in this establishment. However, we have holiday apartments located in Port Saplaya which do allow accommodation for all types of pets.

On the back of the door to the room you will find a map of the hotel indicating with a green dot the room’s location and arrows showing the way you have to go until you find the nearest emergency exit.

In accordance with current regulations, the Hotel reserves the right of admission associated with the following rules of stay:

No food or drink may be brought into the hotel to be consumed inside. The consumption of food and drink on the terraces is not permitted if they have not been purchased in the hotel itself.

  1. Smoking is forbidden in the whole establishment except in the external terraces.
  2. In the event of loss, theft or unjustified deterioration of any element of the material and utensils available in the rooms, the establishment reserves the right to demand the corresponding cost or replacement.
  3. Clothing will be appropriate in the common areas of the establishment


  1. According to decree 75/2015 Art. 21 on rules of internal regime, the access and/or the permanence of persons in the establishment will be refused in the following cases:
  2. When they adopt violent attitudes, especially when they behave aggressively or provoke altercations, originate situations of danger and/or annoyance to other people or do not meet the conditions of hygiene.
  3. When they carry weapons or objects capable of being used as such.
  4. When they are consuming drugs, narcotic substances or show signs of having consumed them and show evident signs of being intoxicated.
  5. When they provoke noises that disturb the normal atmosphere of the establishment.
  6. When behaviour is inappropriate so as to disturb others.